Monarch butterfly With Citrine cuff bracelet The BECOMING Collection

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The BECOMING Collection

"You do not just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process"

~ Rupi Kaur

Growth is a Process.  Not easy.  Not fast.

But worth the effort and determination. 

Wear your Butterfly wings as a reminder to keep going.  To keep growing.




These beautiful Monarch Butterfly wings have been carved from wax and cast in Sterling Silver using the ancient art of lost wax casting 

At the heart of the Butterfly is a Beautiful Honey colored Natural Rose Cut Citrine

 The Cuff Bracelet features a split band and on either side of the opening is a hand carved and cast yellow bronze Flower.

This Cuff bracelet is one of a kind and ready to ship. 

The Cuff is a standard size, 6 inches in length.