Layers of Love personalized gold and bronze necklace

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Layers of love⁠ custom necklace in Bronze and 14k Gold Fill

We have given new life to one of our oldest designs. The Layers of Love Necklace.⁠

Each Coin has been hand molded giving it a luxurious organic look and feel. Where they hang from the chain I hand cut a sweet little heart. ⁠

Each coin is cast in fine yellow bronze with 3 coins graduating in size.

each can be personalized with a name, word, date

- the top coin can have up to 7 characters 

- middle coin can have up to 9 character

- bottom coin can have up to 15 characters

They hang from a 14k Gold Filled chain.

This is the perfect necklace for moms, grandmothers, or anyone who has a special message to keep near to their heart.

You will receive an email shortly after your purchase to confirm your order and to customize your necklace.