Birthstone Stacking Cuff Bracelet

Birthstone Stacking Cuff Bracelet

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"The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart."                                                                                                                          -Carlos Santana

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this lovely stacking cuff bracelet.               

Choose a stone that represents you or someone you love with all of your heart.


  • The cuff is made from thick sterling silver wire
  • The center of the cuff is adorned with a hand sculpted bronze heart 
  • Each end of the cuff will be set with a gemstone of your choice.


Garnet,  Amethyst,  Aquamarine,  CZ,  Emerald,  Alexandrite,  Ruby,  Peridot,  Sapphire,  Pink Tourmaline,  Citrine,  Blue Zircon.

**All stones are lab created, please contact us for a price quote if you are interested in natural gem stones


x-small-  5.25 Inches (good size for a young girl)                                                        small-  5.5 Inches
medium-  5.75 Inches  (average size most commonly ordered)
large-  6 Inches