Brave Feather Necklace

Brave Feather Necklace

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--- < < The Meaning > > ---

This world can wear you down.

but always remember....

Be Brave

Your Heart is Strong

Your Spirit is Determined

Wear this Feather as a talisman and Know, You Can Do This

--- < < Description > > ---

This feather has been loving carved by my hands from wax.

It is cast using ancient art of Lost Wax Casting


Choose from either sterling silver feather on Sterling silver Chain (photo #1)or on Deer Hide Leather

or Fine Golden Bronze on a 14k gold plated chain or on Deer Hide (photo #2)

The back side has a row of little hearts that run down the "tine" of the feather, to remind you that, the way the the tine in the feather gives it it's strength, your Brave Heart will give you strength.

The whole necklace is oxidized to bring out the character and pattern of the feather.